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  1. Ōtomo Sōrin (大友 宗麟, January 31, – June 11, ), also known as Fujiwara no Yoshishige (藤原 義鎮) and Ōtomo Yoshishige (大友 義鎮), was a Japanese feudal lord of the Ōtomo clan, one of the few to have converted to Roman Catholicism (Christianity).The eldest son of Ōtomo Yoshiaki, he inherited the Funai Domain, on Kyūshū, Japan's southernmost main island, from his.
  2. Otomo Yoshihide. Sign-up for news alerts for this artist Sort By: recommends. View: listing image. Page: of; Album Title Label Album Title Artist Released Format Price.
  3. Otomo Yoshihide. K likes. Yoshihide Otomo [born August 1, in Yokohama] is a Japanese composer and multi-instrumentalist. He plays guitar, turntables, and electronics.
  4. Otomo Yoshihide Monochrome Otomo Published Feb 17, Monochrome Otomo is the audio-only portion of The Multiple Otomo Project, a CD/DVD set that spans the .
  5. Find Yoshihide Otomo discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. Otomo Yoshihide. Submit Corrections. Yoshihide Otomo + Follow Artist. Summer Snow: Sound Factory / King Duo Improvisation Hu-du-men: Kim Workshop / Sound Factory
  6. Otomo Yoshihide's tune consists of a recomposed extract of his seminal album The Night Before the Death of the Sampling Virus, and provides an illustration of the indeterminacy of the random play mode of the CD player (and follows Otomo's own directives about how to play his CD). Not an essential release but a fine sampler as it is.
  7. The snow pigeon (Columba leuconota) is a species of bird in the genus Columba in the family Columbidae from hilly regions of central Asia. They are grey, black, pale brown and white birds, and two races are recognised; C. l. leuconota occurs in Afghanistan and the western Himalayas; C. l. gradaria occurs in the mountains of East Tibet and from East Nan Shan (Qinghai) to Yunnan.
  8. Find Yoshihide Otomo credit information on AllMusic. Guitar Solo Live 1 [Limited Enhanced CD] Yoshihide Otomo: Primary Artist: Lupin the Third: Ending Theme: Yoshihide Otomo: Primary Artist Summer Snow: Yoshihide Otomo: Primary Artist: Testament: A Conduction Collection.

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